Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service

Instantly expand your security capabilities and protect your network

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service (MEDR)


Bitdefender GravityZone Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service (MEDR) is a managed threat-monitoring service responsible for detecting intrusions and malicious activities that may otherwise go undetected. Staffed by an elite team of security experts from Bitdefender Labs, it complements GravityZone Ultra’s EDR capability to monitor environments 24/7 for stealthy and destructive malware, notifying customers and recommending actions as appropriate. It offers managed threat detection, automated alerting and alert analysis.

Bitdefender MEDR enables enterprise customers with limited resources and technical skills to accurately protect complex, heterogenous environments and respond effectively to evolving cyber threats.
مشاهده بیشترمشاهده کمتر

Enabling enterprises to defend complex infrastructures against ever evolving cyber threats with minimum amount of resources.

ویژگی ها و مزایا

MEDR Service ویژگی ها و مزایا

Monitoring potential attacks

Your Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra installation will be monitored 24/7 using the integrated EDR capabilities.

Notification of potential attacks

Bitdefender Services will notify you when your GravityZone Ultra environment has generated a potential breach incident, stating that an investigation by Bitdefender Labs has begun. The outcome of the investigation will validate the nature of a malicious incident and recommend a course of action.

User initiated Alert Review and Validation

You can inquire at any time about the validity of an incident you discover in in your GravityZone Ultra deployment and request an investigation. The outcome of the investigation will validate the nature of a malicious incident and recommend a course of action.

Quarterly Reporting

Once every three months, Bitdefender will provide a report which summarizes the activity across the customer’s environment, including root cause analyses, the most common suspicious events and most targeted machines.

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Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Architecture

EDR so easy, you can actually use it

Expanding beyond traditional EPP functionalities, GravityZone Ultra provides security analysts and incident response teams with the tools they need to triage and investigate suspicious activities and adequately respond to advanced threats:

MDR Security
Managed EDR


Gravity Zone MEDR Service Datasheet

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