Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics

Real-time breach detection and complete visibility

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics

Cloud threat intelligence, machine learning and behavior analytics applied to network traffic to detect advanced attacks early and enable effective threat hunting

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is an enterprise security solution that accurately detects breaches and provides insights into advanced attacks by analyzing network traffic. It lets organizations quickly detect and fight sophisticated threats by complementing pre-existing security architecture – network and endpoint – with specialized network-based defense.

It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) and heuristics to analyse network meta-data in real-time and to accurately reveal threat activity and suspicious traffic patterns. With flexible deployment options, Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is a plug-and-play, out-of-band solution, that focuses on outbound traffic and enables analysis over longer periods of time to accurately detect the most sophisticated malware and APTs with high fidelity.
مشاهده بیشترمشاهده کمتر

ویژگی ها و مزایا

GravityZone ویژگی ها و مزایا

Real time and Retroactive detection

Detects breaches by passively checking outbound network traffic in real time for all malicious communication. Applies new threat intelligence elements on recorded meta-data to detect breaches retroactively.

Cloud threat intelligence, AI/ML and heuristics

Combines Bitdefender’s cloud threat intelligence with real-time network traffic analytics based on AI/ML and heuristics to achieve superior threat detection rates with low false positives.

Extended coverage, Complete visibility

Covers all endpoints in the network, independent of type or pre-existing security solutions (corporate- or user-managed devices, network elements, BYOD, IoT). Provides complete visibility and insights into threat-related network activity and endpoint traffic anomalies.

Reduced noise, Effective threat hunting

Automates security analytics and reduces noise to improve analysts’ threat hunting efficiency and generates actionable alerts to facilitate incident response.

Encrypted communication and Privacy

Exclusive focus on traffic meta-data enables analysis of encrypted communications and eliminates privacy issues concerning non-encrypted traffic.

Fast deployment, Immediate results

Relies on a simple and flexible architecture with plug-and-play components to deliver results immediately.

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Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics architecture and deployment diagram


virtual NTSA

VMware software:
Minimum : VMware ESXi 5.1 &higher
Recommended : VMware ESXi 5.1 &higher

VMware software:
Minimum : 140 GB
Recommended : 140 GB

CPU Cores:
Minimum : 4
Recommended : 8

Minimum : 8
Recommended : 8


VMware software:
Minimum : VMware ESXi 4.1 &higher
Recommended : VMware ESXi 4.1 &higher

VMware software:
Minimum : 15 GB
Recommended : 15 GB

CPU Cores:
Minimum : 2
Recommended : 4

Minimum : 4
Recommended : 8

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