Refine Your Security Posture Against Advanced Attacks

Sandbox security technology

Next-generation on-premises sandbox technology with unparalleled reporting & attack visibility, built for flexible, dynamic enterprises

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer is a next-gen sandbox security solution that enhances an organization posture against advanced, sophisticated attacks through unmatched detection and reporting capabilities of elusive, persistent threats that try to penetrate your network.

Delivered as a virtual appliance on-premises, the solution can instantly plug into your existing security architecture or combine with additional Bitdefender security layers, as well as effortlessly scale up as your infrastructure evolves. مشاهده کمتر
مشاهده بیشتر

ویژگی ها و مزایا

Award-winning, Baked-in Technology

Instead of incorporating third-party technologies, which can become discontinued or outdated in time, Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises is built entirely on award-winning, internally-developed Bitdefender technologies and in-house threat intelligence streams.

State-of-the-art Threat Visualization

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer features a uniquely comprehensive and elegant visualization chart, which delivers a complete view of each detection and its underlying context. IT can learn whether the sample has persistent behavior, a timeline display of the changes it is trying to make to the system, tree graphs, and even a screenshot of the message or error the user views as it is infected – such as the ransomware note.

Golden Image-Based Custom Sandboxing

Multiple golden image support will enable admins to emulate different configurations on the sandbox instances, from production to executive golden image configurations, ensuring that any attack that may manifest on your specific configurations or apps will be detected in advance.

Prefiltering for Optimum Scanning

The solution incorporates a mechanism that singles out suspicious files and eliminates redundant scanning, ensuring that only unknown, relevant files are submitted for analysis.

Next-gen advanced threat detection

A next-gen sandbox solution, Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises features state of the art machine learning, neural networks and behavioral analytics ensure quick and accurate containment.

Vertical scalability

Ran as a virtual appliance, Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer can easily scale up to support increasing streams of data that can be supported by the dedicated hardware host.

Cost-effective VM licensing

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer features a very straightforward per VM licensing, enabling maximum flexibility for increased consumption. One VM will detonate one file.

Horizontal scalability

Unlimited scalability can be achieved by increasing the number of sandbox instances while maintaining a centralized management of the entire sandbox network under a single console.

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دریافت اطلاعات فنی



Dedicated bare-metal server host

Dedicated bare-metal server host running an x86 CPU architecture (any hardware manufacturer) running VMware ESXi hypervisor or free version of ESXi

Minimum 2 NICs required per host

Minimum 2 NICs required per host (one for management purposes and the other one for the detonation network):
- The networks corresponding with the 2 NICs must be isolated from one another
- The detonation network should be provided with Internet connectivity

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